Kathy Sierra is a classically trained violinist, and vocalist. The California native with a weakness for gourmet coffee is also an accomplished composer, arranger, producer and performer. She began her quest for global violin domination at age 5, and performed with the Honolulu Symphony at age 7. Upon moving to Sacramento California in 1981, she continued her violin studies, with a small break to pick up the alto sax, because that's what was playing on the radio and it was way cooler...or so she thought for a whole year. In high school, she became the youngest member of El Dorado County’s Sierra Symphony.  In 1990, she won the talent competition and a college scholarship from the Miss El Dorado County Scholarship Competition. Finally, to round-out her high school experience, she also found pride in setting the womens record for Ponderosa High School at the 1991 California Alpine ski-racing state championship.


From 1991 to 1995, Kathy performed, acted, sang, and danced for her BA degree in Drama with an emphasis on music from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. While there, in addition to picking up a perfectly winter-esque midwest sport of collegiate springboard diving, she, her frozen hair and her double-cased fiddle shivered their way through while serving as the Concertmistress and soloist for the College Music Ensemble. Upon graduation, Kathy was presented with the College’s Francis Van Der Meid Smith Music Award for musical excellence, and the Frank Parker Theatre Award for greatest overall contribution to drama in the college theatre.

Kathy’s musical style took an exciting and eye-opening turn upon moving to Berkeley, CA in 1996. There she met violinist, producer, and composer Kaila Flexer, who became a mentor to Kathy on other styles of violin playing, including Irish and Scottish fiddle, Bulgarian folk, Klezmer and Jazz. During this period, Kathy performed with the Gold Country Chamber Orchestra in Sacramento, CA, and the 1999 inaugural performance of the Cotati Philharmonic in Cotati, CA.

Since 2001, Kathy actively tours both the West-coast and internationally and has completed 7 recordings with the Celtic Folk trio, Golden Bough. In 2013, she met the AnGry Brians (then called 1916) and was invited to put her musical DNA is on the album "We came to Fight" released Jan '15. She continues to wail with them on stage whenever her travel/teaching schedule permits. A 2015 highlight in Vegas was joining the AB's in front of a crowd of 10,000 as they opened for the Dropkick Murphys during AFC Fight Week. She is also an alumnus of San Francisco bay's swing jazz quintet, Vive Le Jazz, with whom she was featured on it's debut cd: Samois Faire

When Kathy is not out gallivanting the worlds stages in her non regulation-length MacKinnons kilt, she is passing along the love of music in her private teaching studio on violin and guitar. She and hubby John live in the San Joaquin Delta and have a seriously groovy 11-yr old daughter. Wait a couple years to hear back on the status of that last bit..

Her newest musical projects in the SF Bay Area with buddy Celeste Monnette is called the BB's. It's a trifecta of folk/pop/revivalist genre. Another duo project she loves to sink her musical teeth into is playing a wealth of material centered around oldies/originials with GB bandmate Paul Espinoza. Finally, she studied with renowned vocal coach, Jane Sharp of Berkeley, CA from 2006-2008, and subsequently commenced teacher-training with Suzuki Violin Method master-teacher Judy Bossuat.

Kathy is trained in the Suzuki Violin Method, and combines teaching inspiration from Mark O'Connor, and Celtic-style instruction.  For those starting out on guitar, she teaches basic chord technique, combined with singing.